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24 October 2013 @ 09:28 pm
Hello and welcome!! Dani (ryukilla) and I (yapikao; miwi) are living in Korea and because we love SHINee so much we want to support SHINee by helping Shawols/fans to get goods from Korea.

Status: currently taking orders for Everybody Everysing goods, SHINee CDs, and cosmetics, please contact us through our form to place an order.

Please use our order form to place orders, orders in comments will be ignored. You can ask questions in comments though ;)

Postage/Shipping: we will mainly be using standard international shipping (without tracking; if you want tracking the shipping cost will be higher).
EMS is expensive and is only recommended for big or group orders, but if you still want to use it you canˆˆ.

We will also take orders for other Korean goods so please contact us to ask about the goods and to get a price, thank you!

Goods for sale:
- SMTown Everysing Goods
- Everybody CD Orders
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We are selling some extra stock of BMU Japan Arena Tour goods.
All the goods are Brand New.
Prices include postage** with small packet from Korea (no tracking). If you want EMS please contact us.
[**for some countries we might need to charge more for postage fees]

We only have one for each item, so first come first serve~

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Hoodie - $75USD
Hello! We (ryukilla and I) will be taking Pre orders for the BMU concert goods!

Postage will be calculated per order. You may specify if you prefer EMS or small packet post (small orders can only be used for small packet).

Light sticks will NOT be for sale. Any questions about light sticks will be ignored.

See below the cut to see the goods + prices~ ^^;;

We will be accepting orders until 5pm Korean Standard time on the 9th of December 2013!

Please use our order form to place orders.

All goods will be purchased in December in Nagoya.
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26 October 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Hiiii we are selling SHINee Everybody Everysing Goods and also taking orders for all available Everysing goods from the SM Popup Store (and other branches of Everysing).

If you would like to place an order please use our order form, if you have questions or comments please leave a comment below.


- For 6x4 photos the postage is $3.00USD for one (maximum of 5 for $3.00USD)
- For all other goods postage will vary depending on the goods and the destination.
- Small packet is preferred over EMS, but if you prefer EMS we will use it.

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24 October 2013 @ 10:27 pm
Hello, we will be taking orders for SHINee's "Everybody" Mini-album~

Each CD contains a random photocard and bookmark. (Please see the image below~)

The CD will come with posters (while there is stock) we will try to get your preference but we can't guarantee to get the member you want because the posters are random.
Posters can be sent in a tube or folded: if you choose for the poster to be sent in a poster tube the postage will be higher and you will get two packages.

The price is $13.50USD and postage will be calculated separately for each order.

Please use our order form to place orders, orders in comments will be ignored. You can ask questions in comments though ;)

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09 March 2013 @ 02:25 pm
Hello :D I'll be selling Dream Girl CDs for $20USD inclusive of postage !!!

There are no posters and some countries I may need to charge a little extra.

The shipping method will not be EMS.

Please email me yapikao AT minew DOT me (take out spaces, change AT to @ and DOT to . ) if you are interested :)!
07 February 2013 @ 01:43 pm
Hello \o/ I will be taking orders for SHINee's new Korean album~ Dream Girl!

All CDs will count for the Korean charts (I'm in South Korea), and I will be buying them in person, so can post right away.

CDs will also come with an official photo (from Everysing), so if you have a member preference please tell me.

Also shipping, we can arrange what shipping method you'd like! EMS, small parcel post or airmail etc~ :) And I will advise about the posters ;_; when SM releases more info about the album!!

:D Please comment or email me ( yapikao @ minew . me ) if you are interested.
(or tweet to me @yapikao or @onhosexual) 8D

I will update with more info when it is released! (There is no information about the price yet, but the price will be the same as any official CD store.)
Dream Girl: will be sold for 13,400won* and has 9 songs!
This is the first part (second part to be released in April).

So I'm charging 13,400won* + postage fees depending on what type of postage you choose.

* This should be the price and since I'm buying the albums in person, it should be this much. If it is more I'll advise you here.

Also~ I may do a group order for Singapore (or any other country) ^^; if we can arrange it, hopefully it would make it cheaper for you guys. :)

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12 August 2012 @ 11:27 pm
This is just to gauge if anyone is interested in buying SM.Art Exhibition goods?

Please be aware that the exhibition closes next weekend and that I need to pay to buy these goods so there will be additional charges!

Exo goods are here: http://twitpic.com/aiez6t

and SHINee goods are here: http://t.co/VXegblfF

If you are interested please comment or PM me ^^;;

(obviously there are goods for other members but I didn't take a photo).

Signed postcards will be available for only these groups: Super Junior, Henry, Zhou Mi, Isak, Girls Generation, f(x) (maybe), The Trax, Kangta (and some other guys idk who!)

I will be charging for each individual post card since they are very expensive for me to get and I have only one of each member.

Please let me know which members you want from the signed postcards so I can reserve it for you:
(Signed postcards:)

- SHINee: sold
- Kyuhyun: sold

- Changmin: on hold

- Yunho: taken

- f(x): sold

- EXO K & M: please ask but almost all are sold.
- Super Junior: All available except Kyuhyun...
- SNSD: All available
- Trax: all available
- Other SM artists (please ask)... available
08 May 2012 @ 05:43 pm
If you would like to preorder (or order) any of the SWT merchandise ^o^ please feel free to comment below or to email me: 'argh @ ama-gaeru . net' or at: 'miwi . lessthanthree @ softbank . ne . jp' (take out spaces^^) ALSO! If you want a faster reply~ I'm always active on twitter XD @onbulge so send me a msg on twitter if its urgent. :)

Please refer to this page shinee.jp SWT goods to see the official page.

All prices will be listed in yen, and will be the same as the official site! These prices however do not include postage fees! Postage fees will be calculated later (depending on what postal service you would like!)

Images and info below!

If you are ordering goods from me, please send me an email at mattxjere @ gmail . com to confirm your order!!

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If you are interested in something you can either comment below or PM (or email me). Or if you have any questions about anything please free to ask me.

I will be accepting orders until the 15th of June! That said I can't guarantee that some items won't be sold out by that date.

As for payment - bank transfer is preferred but I do accept paypal too. ^^; Or meet ups and cash :) are possible too (depending of course on where you live!).
- I must point out that paypal or bank transfers do have extra fees/charges :c which are not included in the above prices and will be calculated with postage/etc.

I'm not doing this to make money rather to help people buy merchandise (if they want it^^).
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10 March 2012 @ 08:41 pm
Uhhh this is mostly... filler for now! XD Because i am too hyper/happy to upload photos! :(

But this entry... is posted today for the date - because today I went through the Christchurch central city. You might say "SO WHAT?", but most of the Christchurch central city has been closed for public access since February 2011 because of the fucking earthquake we had on the 22nd. So yeah it is a big deal.

Everything is still shut/barricaded up. But they let us in to see the Christchurch cathedral T_T before it gets ripped down. So. Yes I will be posting photos later ;__; when I stop spazzing over the perfection that is Onew ♥
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